July 17th @ Turbo Haus (Montreal, QC)

July 26th @ Brasserie Beaubien (Montreal, QC)

September 6th @ Drinkerie (Montreal, QC)

September 20th @ Queens University (Kingston, ON)

September 24th @ L'Alize (Montreal, QC)

October 9th @ The Central (Toronto, ON)

November 4th @ L'Escalier (Montreal, QC)

December 12th @ Piranha Bar (Emergenza Festival, Montreal, QC)

December 31st @ Turbo Haus (Montreal, QC)


January 14th @ Kafein Café-Bar (Montreal, QC)

January 28th @ Le Cagibi (Montreal, QC)

February 10th @ Bar Le Ritz (Montreal, QC)

February 22nd @ Honey Martins (Montreal, The Deeg)

February 24th @ Casa Del Popolo (Montreal, Mile End)

March 19th @ Bar Le Ritz (Montreal, QC)

April 20th @ La Vitrola (Montreal, QC)

June 11th @ Mural Festival (Montreal, QC)

June 17th @ Fringe Festival (Montreal, QC)

July 3rd @ Festival International de Jazz de Montreal (Montreal, QC)

July 14th @ La Vitrola (Montreal, QC)

August 14th @ Under Pressure Festival (Montreal, QC)

August 27th @ Village Au Pied du Courant (Montreal, QC)

September 10th @ Bad Lunch (Montreal, QC)


February 13th @ Honey Martin (Montreal, QC)

March 9th @ Barfly (Montreal, QC)

March 11th @ TBA

March 27th @ Honey Martin (Montreal, QC)

April 24th @ Honey Martin (Montreal, QC)

May 29th @ Honey Martin (Montreal, QC)

June 16th @ Parc Des Ameriques - Fringe Festival (Montreal, QC)

June 25th @ Honey Martin (Montreal, QC)

July 31st @ Honey Martin (Montreal, QC)

August 16th @ Café Blanc de Blanc (Montreal, QC)

August 28th @ Honey Martin (Montreal, QC)

September 14th @ Magdalena (Montreal, QC)

October 6th @ Koko (London, UK)

October 30th @ Honey Martin (Montreal, QC)

November 22nd @ La Vitrola (Montreal, QC)